3/7/20, San Francisco, CA
Tiny Day Launch Party @ Alley Cat Bookstore with judy-b., Neshma Friend, Danielle Leone, and Kenneth Traynor

4/15/19, San Francisco, CA
“New Poetry & 100 Years of Ferlinghetti at Odd Mondays” @ Folio Books with Fernando Martí and Zack Rogow

3/28/19, Portland, OR
“Late-Night Reading @ the Triple Lindy” *AWP offsite event* Forklift, Ohio + Burnside Review + Slope Editions  with David Rutschman, Millie Ferguson, Thea Brown, Caroline Cabrera, Cassie Donish, Juilanne Neeley, BJ Soloy, and Abraham Smith

11/9/18 Portland, OR
*Lit Crawl Portland* Phase 1 WTAW PDX “Literary Bingo” @ the Big Legrowlski with Brian Benson, Kate Carroll de Gutes, Elyse Fenton, Jacqueline Keeler, Ramiza Koya, Margaret Malone, Jennifer Perrine, and Sara Rivara.  *** Phase 2 “Poetry Karaoke” (judge, with Ada Limón, Gregory Pardlo, and Alicia Jo Rabins)

10/13/18 San Francisco, CA
*Litquake!* “Grace Notes: Poets at Grace Cathedral” with Conor O’Callaghan, Charif Shanahan, and Monica Sok

8/19/18 Portland, OR
Why There Are Words Reading Series, “Bridge” @ Leach Botanical Garden with Neil Aitken, Brian Benson, Bette Lynch Husted, Lisa Scheffer, Julia Stoops, and Jean M. Znidarsic

7/26/18 Nevada City, CA
Yuba Lit @ Reiki Kitchen with Eugene Berson, Liz Collins, and Travis Davis

6/1/18 San Francisco, CA
A reading organized by Kevin Killian @ Alley Cat Bookstore with B.J. Cook and Quinn Roberts

5/6/18 San Francisco, CA
Stranger Than Fiction Reading Series @ Edinburgh Castle Pub with Karen Bjorneby, Alan Black, Jack Boulware & Sands Hall

3/10/18 Tampa, FL
The New Guard: 15 Debut Poets, an AWP off-site @ Fly Bar with Kaveh Akbar, William Brewer, Kai Carlson-Wee, Marcello Castillo, Mario Chard, Liz Countryman, Adam Gianelli, Courtney Kampa, Virginia Konchan, Nathan McClain, Peter Mishler, Aja Monet & Vanessa Villareal

2/8/18 Sausalito, CA
Why There Are Words Reading Series, “Reparations” @ Studio 333 with Laurie Doyle, Veronica Scott Esposito, Kevin McIlvoy, Tomas Moniz & Kathleen Winter

1/21/18 San Francisco, CA
A reading @ Adobe Books with Genanne Walsh, Peg Alford Pursell & Rebecca Winterer

11/29/17 Oakland, CA
Forklift Book Launch: Hannibal & Rutschman (book party for Hannibal and Into Terrible Light) @ The Octopus Literary Salon

11/21/17 Portland, OR
Shauna Hannibal & Friends with Tara Atkinson, Jay Ponteri & Ed Skoog @ Mother Foucault’s Bookshop

11/17/17 Cincinnati, OH
AAC Poetry Series #2 with David Rutschman & Tyrel Thompson @ The Art Academy of Cincinnati off-site gallery, Exposure13

11/16/17 Cincinnati, OH
An Evening in Forklift, Ohio with David Rutschman @ The Mercantile Library

12/10/16 San Francisco, CA
A reading @ Alley Cat Bookstore with Russell Dillon & Matt Hart